Our expertise

Our expertise extends to multiple levels to understand the challenges of each participant and have the ability to bring effective solutions to the entire project.

  • Engineering and product development

We help to rapidly integrate important early in the development process, ensuring a final realization that meet the quality standards required.

The specifications of the piece, the choice of materials, tools and options for other innovative opportunities that can add value and minimize costs, are taken into account immediately. In collaboration with the client, we review and analyze the objectives of quality, time and cost.

  • Development of molds

Our mastery of the behavior of plastics and injection molding technique gives us the ability to:
    * Plan and anticipate problems molding
    * Integrate productive and innovative solutions to the molds.
    * Avoid oversized molds and reduce costs significantly.

These elements are essential to the design and manufacture of a mold and the effective reduction of production costs.

  • Search and selection of resins

Whatever your application, we will find the materials that meet your specifications and technical criteria.

An extensive network of experts, manufacturers and distributors of resins as well as our years of experience is what allows us to accelerate the process of research and analysis of appropriate materials, a crucial step in achieving your projects.

We work in search of alternative resins to reduce costs, the study of the substitution of metals in your products and to all other continuous improvement process.

  • Production (injection molding)

Production is the stage that embodies the finished product, we are dedicated to improving your productivity by providing:

* Practical solutions to problems.

* Techniques for automating some molding operations

* Solutions tooling improvements

* Alternatives substitues and resins

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