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Since the creation of RM plastics, we have transformed the ideas and problems of customers on a real and profitable project, below some one:

Mold choice

Mold choice

Our Client - Our client operates in the mining contact us when one of its products, a plug wire TPU molded TPU cause him serious problems and put his patience to the test.

Product - This plug TPU molded TPU wire itself, caused him enormous problems in cold environments such as some sites in winter when the North Pole, as well as in hot environments such as deserts and deep mines, to the point that this product became non-functional and dangerous.

The Problem - Undergoing pressure of a metal part essential to the functioning of the product and connected to the plug, the TPU material undergoing a creep at high temperatures and curing at low temperatures. In both cases, the permeability was compromised and the water seeped inside the assembly and destroying the electronic circuitry. The costs of these problems and the accumulation of complaints had reached an unacceptable level to the point that the client decided, reluctantly, to use this product only in moderate climate areas.

Analysis - Following several meetings and analysis with all stakeholders, we have come to some conclusions:

1 - With the exception of TPU itself, there are no products that adhere to the TPU, except that using a treatment adherence

2 - A stable material is critical in the temperature range of-40C to +75 C and resistant to the compression ratio in the injection molding.

3 - The chemical resistance required for the material is so severe that the silicone is the ideal candidate for the application.

In short, we found ourselves at an impasse where the material meets the required environment either silicone, silicone consideration does not adhere to TPU. In addition, in order to respect the cycle 17s, the mold temperature should be as high as more than 300F, which exceeds the temperature of the melting point of the wire.

Our Solution - Following extensive research and testing, we came to find a material highly specific and developed its molding process. This material, TPE thermoplastic vulcanized silicone has a perfect adhesion to the TPU, a behavior very similar to silicone in the temperature range of-40C to +75 C and also has excellent chemical resistance, thereby fulfilling all the criteria quality required.

The Result - Over the past three years, the product is functional and to our knowledge the client has no complaint to manage. More efficiency and performance of the production is experiencing a marked improvement with the new tools developed.

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Production process

Production process

Our Client - The automotive crisis of 2008 did much damage to working in the industrial sector. Our client contacted us when his company, like many others, found himself in a very precarious situation.

The Problem - Faced with a backlog balding and demand declining market, the business structure and operations organization met imbalances and inadequate in the face of new circumstances. Monthly balances accumulated deficits and the company lost a lot of money.

Our Solution - Our response was a total team effort and we immediately intervened with all business functions, we discussed and worked with the managers of each department, studying every possible aspect recovery operations, such as production planning, production schedules, the matching of machines, control release rate, the quality standards and other improvements.

The result - with the result that after a loss earlier this year, the improvements made to the operations, the company was closing its year with a zero deficit.

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Processing plastics methods

Processing plastics methods

Our Client - We received the mandate of our client to redesign an 'electrical connection for extreme environment'. The product has some weaknesses existing in contact with items such as ice, mud and others.

Analysis - Following a thorough analysis of the product and the context of use, we found structural weaknesses in the current design and functional. This analysis enabled us among others to propose deleting the process using a special grease saddled by a dry process. This innovation alone could save the customer an amount in the six figures, and annually.

Realization - A collaborative effort involving all project stakeholders, designers, suppliers of resins, mold allowed us to propose a new generation of plug-Bi materials, including a molding process and an assembly system in mold. To date, a prototype mold and a mold cavities production multi-bi-molded materials is under development.

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